The Flatpax Utility Range includes a range of cabinets that are perfect for your garage
storage solution.

Like all of the Flatpax range, our garage storage cabinets are high quality, value for money and are designed ready to assemble for the DIY customer.

Our products include a great range of garage cabinets that can be used in any size garage – including base cabinets, wall cabinets and garage drawers.

Flatpax Utility garage storage cabinets are tough and durable. They include a fixed shelf and support rail for added durability.

The garage drawers are metal sided. Flatpax garage storage cabinets use cam and pin construction, so they’re easy to put together.

Garage cabinets range in size and can be fixed to the ground or wall for maximum storage.

You can customise the Flatpax Utility range to suit your garage needs which will help you to maximise the space you have and ensure there is ample storage for all your garage items.

To read more about our garage cabinets visit the About Utility Range page or check out our Utility gallery to view the Flatpax Utility range.

Flatpax Utility garage storage cabinets are available throughout Bunnings Warehouses nationally and they go hand in hand with Kaboodle benchtops

You can find more information on Flatpax Utility garage storage cabinets at the links below:

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