About Flatpax Utility

We are a proud manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality modular DIY cupboards and storage solutions for laundries, kitchens, home offices and more. It is our mission to consistently deliver high quality, value for money, ready to assemble products to our customers as a cost-effective alternative to custom designed and installed solutions.

Flatpax Utility is owned by Australian Homeware Enterprises (AHE), a leading supplier in the Australian and New Zealand home improvement and decorating industries, with a growing presence around the globe in specific markets.

As an organisation, we are conscious of our environmental and social impact and are taking steps toward building a better tomorrow. Our approach is to think sustainably in all that we do, from the materials we source to product design and manufacturing processes, to the methods we use to transport our products to our customers.

We strive for continual improvement employing the most up to date, world class machinery at our manufacturing facilities abroad and on local ground. Our manufacturing process achieves cost efficiencies by mass producing modular storage solutions, stocked at our warehouse distribution centres across Australia and New Zealand and shipped flat packed to minimise shipping costs and transport space. Flatpax Utility is available online and off the shelf from Bunnings Warehouse. To find out more about our parent company, visit the AHE website here.