• The Flatpax system is modular so designing your Flatpax Utility solution is nice and simple.
  • here are some planning and design tips…

All electrical and plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed tradesperson.

Measuring Accurately

Before you begin your Flatpax Utility project one of the most important steps is to accurately measure the space you have.

Remember to measure and mark:

  • The length and width of the room wall to wall and/or wall to doorways (measure to the outside of the architrave)
  • The location of any light switches or power points that will not be moving
  • The location of any windows
  • Mark any other permanent fixtures such as balustrades or pillars etc

Before construction be sure to check out our tool check list below.


Tool Checklist


Cordless drill
with No. 2 screw tip

Hammer / Rubber Mallet

2mm drill bit

Pencil / Marking Pen

Phillips head screwdriver

Glue -
exterior wood working glue recommended by Australian Standards

Tape measure

Spirit level -
minimum 900mm long

Safety gear -
mask, ear and eye protection

Adjustable set square

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