Modular DIY Storage Solutions

Flatpax for Every Room

Flatpax Utility offers a versatile range of modular cabinets that can be used in every room, from the kitchen to the laundry and any room in-between, get the cabinets you need with Flatpax Utility.  

Finishing off your cupboards is easy with kaboodle benchtops, available in a range of on-trend and durable timber or laminate options via Bunnings.  

Flatpax for Kitchen

The Flatpax Utility range offers all the essential cupboards you need to create a functional kitchen or kitchenette on a budget. Simply combine as many standard floor, drawer and wall cabinets as you need, and don’t forget to include an oven cabinet, rangehood cabinet and a tall cupboard to utilise as a pantry to maximise storage potential!

Flatpax for Laundry

Flatpax is fit for the laundry too! Combine as many standard floor, drawer and wall cabinets as you need. Include our linen chute, drying cupboard and broom cupboard for an extra functional space where all your laundry items have a home.

Flatpax for Home Office

Use Flatpax in your home office for a simple and cost-effective way to add extra storage. Our drawer cupboards are perfect for storing stationery and files. 

Flatpax for Garage

The Flatpax Utility range is perfect for the garage. Our drawer cupboards are metal sided for extra durability and provide ample storage space for all your garage tools. All floor cupboards can be fixed to the ground or wall for extra stability. 

Planning for your Flatpax Utility Project

The Flatpax Utility system is modular so designing your next cabinetry solution is nice and simple.  
Each cupboard conveniently comes packaged with the cabinet carcass, doors, handles, hinges, and hardware with simple cam and pin construction so you’re almost ready to start building right away. First, you’ll need to ensure you have accurate measurements and the tools to get started. View our tips below.  

Measuring Accurately

Before you begin your Flatpax Utility project, one of the most important steps is to accurately measure the space you have. 

Measure and mark:  

  • The length and width of the room wall to wall and/or wall to doorways (measure to the outside of the architrave) 

  • The location of any light switches or power points that will not be moving 

  • The location of any windows 

  • Mark any other permanent fixtures such as balustrades or pillars etc 

Remember that all electrical and plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed professional.

Tools Checklist

Before you start construction, you’ll need these standard tools that you can find around your home.

Get Flatpax Online or In-Store at Bunnings

You can purchase all the Flatpax Utility cupboards off the shelf from most Bunnings stores, or order them directly to your home via the Bunnings website.