The Flatpax system is modular so building your Flatpax Kids furniture is really easy!

here are some planning and design tips…

Measuring accurately

Before you begin your Flatpax Kids furniture project, one of the most important steps is to accurately measure the space you have.

Remember to measure and mark:

  • The location of any light switches or power points that will not be moving;
  • The location of any windows;
  • Mark any other permanent fixtures such a balustrades or pillars, etc.

Before construction be sure to check out our tool check list below.


Tool Checklist

latpax-screwdriver flatpax-hammer


The following list is a guide to assist in successful assembly and installation:

(to secure screw-locks)

(to secure wardrobe and drawer backs)

You can check out our kids wardrobes, kids drawers and kids desks using the links below:

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If you're after more information and specs of Flatpax Kids furniture then check out the view specifications links on the kids furniture
product pages.

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